A Bed & Breakfast Spa

About Me

I am 53 years young and very motivated about my goals and interests in life. I have been a Licensed Cosmetologist (hairstylist) for over 25 years now (as of October 2017). I've also been practicing Massage Therapy as a licensed professional for over 15 years now (as of December 2016). Although these two occupations are definitely a passion of mine, the hospitality industry is also a passion of mine-both hotel and restaurant management. In fact, I have several years experience in hotel, restaurant and salon/spa management.

In addition I am an Affiliate Marketer to help me achieve my dreams.

I realize that there is a long road ahead of me. However, I feel that with the support and guidance of friends, family, and other professionals, this dream will come true one day. Please feel free to write, call, or text me with any ideas and/or suggestions you might have. Ideas can be such things as: naming my business, legal and financial considerations, product and/or service recommendations, and marketing ideas. I'm hoping to share my dream(s) with those who are willing to help me attain it and those whom truly/sincerely want to be part of something AWESOME!!! The only thing I ask is that you "voice" your ideas and/or suggestions in an adult, professional manner with a sincere effort to help in a positive way.